Find faster
and quicker on the go.

Don't get lost in the information, find and learn what matters to you. Highlight anything and everything you come across while browsing.


Web highlighter

Highlight super important documents you find online on the go and with NO device limit.

Build your site in minutes

Highlight on web

Highlight important key points you find online on the Web and PDFs just as easily as doing it with a pen. Go back and check anytime.

Comment on-spot

Leave your valuable comment instantly on your highlighted points so you don't forget why you marked those lines.

Video knowledge

Highlight any interesting thing even on the youtube videos and save all your reading and notes together in one place.

Centralized space

Collect and manage everything you have highlighted from a single space and edit it anytime in the future for reference.

Manage the customer experience at all touchpoints.


Unify your online resources

Categorize your tabs by simplifying tabs in different folders and retain all tabs in your folders to preview your online resources.

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Streamline by bookmarking

Don’t search for lost Resources. Save multiple online resources of any type and retain all your resources here to increase your productivity.

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Resources at fingertips

Directly arrive at your online resources without getting diverted to other pages with Cloudiify's widgets at the first glance.

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Clip pages with sticky notes

Add sticky notes to pages and place them anywhere on the page. Click, drag, and post it on any text or image. Stick multiple notes on a page.

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Emphasis crucial data

Highlight and emphasis the important texts and data anywhere on the page and use color codes to categorize them. Add a sticky note to the highlights.

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Point out the content

Use annotations to point out or add notes on any text or diagrams or images to provide more explanations through comments.

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Take notes by just capturing

Capture to create a notepad and add notes to the notepad. Edit and modify notes and preview all your notes at a glance.

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Who can use Cloudiify web highlighter?

Both you and your team can make the best use of it.


Research & development team

Centralize all the key points of the projects to enable better collaboration with your team whether it is technical resources, blogs, articles, or any text.


Sales Team

Organize your highlights in one place by allowing your teams to be easily more focused, collaborative, and consistent.


Business owner

Deliver an exceptional experience to your clients and team by highlighting all the important key points related to the project.

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