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your tab chaos effectively.

Your browser tabs might look messy, but not your projects. Organize tabs effectively the way you want into a dedicated space.

14-day free trial. No credit card.


Tab manager

Keep productivity high by organizing your browser tabs. Access all your tabs in one click extension and share them instantly with your teammates.

Build your site in minutes

Autosave tabs

Get an overview of all your automatically saved tabs without losing them allowing you to quickly navigate it.

Advanced search

Find any of the tabs by URL or keywords using our advanced search filter in just a single click rather than finding from the cluster.

Add manually

Manually add any of the tabs in any folders easily, which you can share, delete, or edit anytime you want.

Sync with devices

Sync all your browser tabs across multiple devices wherever they are. So you can work from anywhere, anytime.

Manage the customer experience at all touchpoints.

Email Share

Craft a personalized message and invites to get real reviews from real people. Personalize the subject, body, and content as per your brand style.

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QR Code

Let your customers scan and drop their valuable feedbacks that can help you better. QR codes are to bring your offline users online by allowing them to scan and fill up the review form.

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Reviews.link offers to utilize the custom domain to share your review form or surveys. It allows you to generate as many unique survey links as you want.

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Embedded Share

Now curate and embed surveys anywhere on your website. Cut down the traditional method to collecting reviews, instead switch to chatbot, pop-up card, and much more.

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SMS Share

Explore the seamless SMS option to chat and collect reviews from your customer. Send a personalized message with a human touch and share an SMS survey instantly.

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Social Share

Contact a huge crowd on the go and collect powering reviews by sharing the survey across social platforms. Know your company’s performance from your customer’s point of view.

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Offline Mode

Ditch your internet today and start collecting data as much as possible. Create an offline survey and kick-start the process.

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Who can use Tab Manager?

Transform the way you and your teamwork


Enough of juggling between browsers to complete your assignments and research. Easily search tabs by entering the domain URL and keyword directly in the search bar.

Marketing and operation

Bring all your online resources together so everyone knows what to refer and where. Connect project workflow across your business in a single source of truth to keep teams aligned.

Business owners

Set up tab manager to increase efficiency and help you standardize an online workflow. The extension not only gives you access to all your open tabs but even allows you to organize them.

Reach productivity peak and
finally feel organized.

No shady subscriptions, and no confusing contracts.

Cloudiify is 100% free — upgrade
only if you need.

Download the tab manager extension today