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Manage your browsing activities in an all-in-one workspace

Manage, save, access, collaborate your everyday browsing & research activities from bookmarks, tabs, notes, feeds, start page to all internet resources for you and your team in one place.

Free 14-day trial No credit card required Ready-to-use automations

Designed for personal, business, or school.

Bookmark Manager

Stop juggling from one browser to another. Keep all your important info handy- videos, articles, websites, or any digital resources that you find online. Align your own little space to find anything on the go by adding tags and categories, which will automatically sync to any device.

cloudRainDrop cloud_Book cloud_Book

Tab Manager

Opening too many tabs all at once can be slightly overwhelming. Tab manager extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. to organize multiple tabs in a dedicated space and thus freeing up the memory taken up by them. You can find, close, re-arrange, and switch tabs exactly the way you want.

cloud_Toby cloud_Fruumo cloudone_Tab

Feed RSS Reader

Never miss an update on the topics you are interested to read. Organize and read everything you can’t wait to learn without any distractions rather than cluttering multiple sites and getting it dumped from a single dashboard.

cloudFeed_Rss cloud_Feeder cloudino_Reader

Start Page

Keep up with everything when it comes to the content you want to consume. Customize your start page by including any number of widgets, website, tools, social media, and other platforms that matter to you the most.

cloud_StartMe cloudmy_Start cloudnet_Vibes

Clip the Web

Found anything interesting such as tools, photos, email, and web pages that you will take a glance later? Clip the web allows you to easily save, edit, and organize it from any device on the go. Keep your store full with all the important content you can read anywhere.

cloud_OneNote cloudnImbusNotes cloud_Notion

Web Highlighter

An effective new tool to highlight and annotate information directly in any web pages or PDFs you want to find reliable content faster. Instantly take a glance at what you want to find faster than ever. Highlights will be reflected directly on the web page whenever you revisit.

cloud_Weava cloud_Liner cloudNotes_Along


Enhance your Google experience by highlighting even on the web pages or PDFs. Annotate is flexible for every type of team. Edit, add and share content anytime, anywhere.

cloud_Pundit cloudsupera_nnotate cloud_annotate


Do not miss any pointers in almost any format you want. Add text, audio, images, email, website, anything you find online. Notes isn’t just about dumping ground, instead it allows you to organize your notes.

cloudEver_Note cloudSimple_Note cloud_Bear
Make the switch to Cloudiify today.


Access even outside of the browser- be it a computer, phone, or laptop without installing any third-party application.

Build your site in minutes

No limits

Unlimited bookmarks, collections, folders, and devices. As a user, you can add any number of collections, bookmarks, and everything related to your interests.

Styling options

Play around with the styling options- fonts, colors, images, gifs, thumbnails along with the content link to catch anyone’s attraction instantly.

Import & export

Move-in or move out from Cloudiify files & folders at any time you want. You can even add tags, move or remove multiple items at once.

Organize with ease

Cloudiify is not just a pretty interface, it can help you untangle your mess and organize it exactly the way you want without any hassle.